Before smartphones were popular, people didn’t take mobile security much seriously. After all, we used to have a few contacts, some classic games, and some blurred wallpapers, what was actually stored on our old mobile phones?

However, now that everything has changed, a lot of people are using Smartphone’s to perform a lot of tasks from logging into their bank account to company dashboard for their job purpose, mobile security has become more and more important than ever.

However, the statistics show that only 22% of mobile users take regular security measures, while most just do when it’s convenient. But, as Smartphone users we need to make Smartphone security as our primary priority to keep our mobile safe as possible to avoid any nasty situation later.

Once your mobile gets hacked, you are in major financial trouble and as well as your private information. We store everything on our phones which is very handy at the same time it is a concern.

Nowadays, hackers are more and more resourceful, powerful and quick to act and enter into our cell phones. Below, I have provided a list of things you can do to protect your mobile from cybercriminals.

Tips to protect your mobile safe from cyber attacks

The major problem with most of the cell phone users is that they don’t make their phone password protected. Again, they commit another mistake by logging into personal accounts when using a public wifi. It is not safe to use these sites on public wifi as your personal information can be theft. I suggest you use a VPN to do that . That will make sure your identity is hidden and safe.

  • Try not to use Public Wi-Fi as much as possible

Public Wi-Fi is extremely useful in times but it can be easy for hackers to access your mobile and steal your personal information. If you use public Wi-Fi, use it with a VPN app or try to avoid logging into personal accounts. As public Wi-Fi is less secure network and your mobile can be easy prey for cyber hackers to steal your information and identity.

  • Make your phone password protected

The most common mistake mobile users do is they leave their mobile without password protected. This can very dangerous in case mobile theft. Wrong hands can access your information and files if any.

  • Keep updating your phone for new security updates

Not many aware of this, but most software updates contain important security updates as well. Updating to latest software can make your mobile more efficient and less threat to cyber attacks.

  • Enable Mobile Tracking App

It is essential to have a mobile tracking app on your phone. So, you can be able to track your iPhone or Android phone easily when you lost it. For iPhone users download and enable Find My iPhone, for Android users you can use Find My Device from Playstore.

  • Keep an eye on unknown calls

Every day we receive countless number of calls and texts from unknown numbers. They are mostly spam calls who are trying to steal your information. They are good at using those scare tactics and empty your pockets.

  • Always Backup your Mobile

Backing up your phone has a lot of benefits including for security purposes. If your mobile got infected with a virus, it can go through your mobile damaging everything you saved. While you may afford to replace your mobile but your data and important files can’t be replaceable.

Final Thoughts

Always make sure to follow these tips when using your phone when using bank accounts, dating sites where you need to be fully protected. As the hackers are aware of how these things work more than us. Think about a situation where the hacker can access your account and PIN or your personal information. So I recommend you to strictly follow the above steps to avoid an unpleasant situation. Happy browsing!



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