Web marketers are often faced with a myriad of SEO challenges. Let’s say you have decided to focus on SEO to build primary traffic and your optimization goals. Your intention is to get Google and other search engines to direct more traffic to your site.

You kick-start your keyword research in top gear and implement the phases or words that seem to be drawing your kind of traffic. You optimize your site to leverage links and your expectation to see the site rising the ranks is almost assured.

Even with such efforts, your ranking might show up on the fourth or fifth page. If you thought there was a guarantee for better ranking, you can end up in shock. Some of the reasons why your rank stagnates are simply because you are making mistakes.

so many people loving voice-searches, SEO is going to have to change in a big way. Let’s take a look at what is likely to happen and what businesses can do to be prepared.

You can take time to master SEO, but it’s important that you know the mistakes to avoid in the process to get your ranking moving up. Some of the mistakes you should stop making include:

Ignoring Analytics

SEO combines the acquisition of traffic and conversion as well. You are likely to focus too much on the phrases or words that are getting traffic to your site. The danger in such competitive keywords is that they can be too much and they will deny your rankings. Remember, analytic tools like serp tracker can help you identify long tail keywords that can still crack it for you. Don’t ignore analytic tools and make sure you follow up on phrases and compare a number to see the ones making the formidable impact.

Not Optimizing Local Search

If your venture the needs of an audience in a given city or town, you need to know how to do a local search. Don’t ignore local search given its potential to lead local prospects your way. If you rely on region-specific keywords integrated into the Meta tag description, the better. Don’t forget to list your brand on local based sites and networks.

Not Optimizing Right Keywords

Marketers are likely to go for global keywords when they offer solutions to local audiences. Don’t go for generic keywords that attract low-quality leads or traffic. You should forget keywords that only bring in customers who just want freebies. Also, make sure that you avoid highly competitive keywords that require you to go overboard to rank or defend your current ranking. You need to be particular with specific keywords. Remember to weigh the time it will take and whether the objectives are realistic.

Ignoring Title and Meta Descriptions

Many website owners make the mistake of making the business title as their recurring title for every page. This is one huge mistake you need to avoid. Your SEO will improve if you designate a unique title that is descriptive in nature. Your pages should be demarcated with titles in a way that tells prospects and Google what the said page is all about. You Meta descriptions should be compelling and persuasive. Don’t forget to create a descriptive but custom Meta for every page of your site This makes people want to click and discover more.

Using the Same Anchor Text for all Links

Optimizing your anchor text is crucial. However, make sure that you don’t use the same anchor text for every page link. This doesn’t seem impressive, and Google can ignore your page. Always use variations on the anchor text to give it a natural look

Choosing Link Quantity over Quality

One of the mistakes you will make with your SEO is to choose quantity over quality when it comes to links. A high volume of links looks enticing, but it’s the quality you need go for.

A few links from authority sites can do your ranking a lot of favors. Hundreds of dilute links from genetic sites will not help your cause. Make sure that your links are relevant to your niche, and they shouldn’t have links to fluff or illegal sites. There are tools that help you assess the quality of links in question, relax!

Using Poor Content

Your site content needs to come off a professional. Avoid the mistake of using spinners to create your content. Although it’s still content, spun content can give your visitors a bad impression about you and your brand. Choose professional content authors, if you want to appeal to your followers.


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