A New Malware Spreading Via Facebook Messenger which serving as both Malware and adware that can be used for earning clicks and Hijack the Browser on the victim.

Facebook is widely using the social platform and great source to spreading malicious file into many Facebook users.

This Malware using tons of domains to prevent tracking, and earning clicks with highly obfuscated and Advance code.

Attacker May spreading this Malware by using Stolen Facebook credentials hijacked browsers or clickjacking and other social engineering methods.

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Malware Functionality

According to Kaspersky Researcher, Attacker using Social Engineering attack that force to a user clicks the Link which is made as a Short link using Bitly shortens.


Malware Link in FB Messanger

The link Contains a Google Doc which has a picture of the victims Facebook page that looks like a Playable Movie.

“When the victim clicks on the fake playable movie, the malware redirects them to a set of websites which enumerate their browser, operating system, and other vital information”

Researcher David Jacoby said,his technique is not new and has a lot of names. I would like to describe it as a domain chain, basically just A LOT of websites on different domains redirecting the user depending on some characteristics. It might be your language, geo location, browser information, operating system, installed plugins and cookies.

This information leads to visit some malicious websites tracking cookies, monitors your activity.

Human unknowingly clicking some links that are Probably not Recommended.but this will leads to force you to click the links that contain Malicious file.

Changing User-Agent header, this malware trick you and redirect you to some other malicious website that displaying a fake Flash Update notice, and then offered a Windows executable which tried in Firefox Browser by Researcher.

Force Download File from Firefox Browser 

when it tried in Chrome Browser, the link will redirect to a website which mimics the layout of YouTube, even including the YouTube logo which shows fake Error Message that leads to Download malicious Google Chrome extension from the Google Web Store.

adware   Force Download File from Chrome

Most of this malware sometimes leads to compromise the Facebook credentials and behind this are most likely making a lot of money in ads and getting access to a lot of Facebook accounts.Kaspersky said.

still, Researchers analyzing this sample and how it actually spreads via Messenger is still unknown.

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