Switch to Enterprise Architecture with These Certifications

Enterprise architects are trained professionals who can evaluate and ascertain company objectives, make recommendations for technology changes, and plan and develop those changes across the company.

The role of enterprise architects is becoming increasingly important for aligning IT techniques with business objectives. An enterprise architecture certification can help you advance your career, whether your forte is the cloud, applications, softwares, or systems.

Certifications are a brilliant method of verifying your enterprise architect skills if you’re planning a career as one. As an enterprise architect, you’ll be in charge of creating an IT strategy for any company that aligns its business objectives with IT objectives. Because businesses rely so heavily on technology, IT has become an integral part of any successful business strategy. These credentials assess your understanding, expertise, and skillsets in enterprise architecture frameworks, tools, software, and best practices.

Whether you want to focus on the cloud, applications, softwares, or other aspects of enterprise architecture, the following certifications will help you strengthen your resume and make you stand out.

SASE Expert Certification

Cato Networks offers the word-class SASE Expert Certification Training for prospective candidates that is guaranteed to demonstrate your skillset and knowledge of digital business networks to any recruiter or employer. According to Gartner, Cato Networks is the first true SASE platform because it covers all the requirements: convergence, cloud-native, globally distributed, and support for all edges.

The course is categorized into two levels: SASE essentials and SASE advanced. Level 1 focuses on fundamental concepts, while Level 2 digs deeper into the more technical subjects. To be certified at the end of the course, candidates must pass a 3-5 hour exam for each level with a minimum score of 85%.

Google Professional Cloud Architect

The Google Professional Cloud Architect certification validates your knowledge of Google Cloud technologies. To obtain this certification, you must understand how to design and implement cloud solution architecture for security and compliance, manage cloud infrastructures, analyze and optimize business processes, and supervise cloud architecture implementation. 

The exam has no basic requirements, but it is recommended you have 3+ years of professional experience, including 1+ years of experience designing and implementing solutions using Google Cloud. The examination must be taken in person at an authorized test center.

Red Hat Certified Architect

A Red Hat Certified Architect is someone who has gained one of Red Hat’s three top-tier certifications in addition to five Red Hat-sponsored certifications chosen by the system administrator. 

Red Hat provides a wide range of unique skill- and technology-focused programs that help IT architects of all proficiency levels achieve their desired level of training. A Red Hat Certified Architect certificate is beneficial for those looking to increase their knowledge of the open source software company’s product line.

The Open Group Certified Architect

The Open Group Certified Architect certification, also known as Open CA, is widely regarded as the gold standard for technology, business, and enterprise architects. The certification program does not include any training courses or written exams. Instead, it requires applicants to demonstrate their abilities through peer interviews and written applications.

With over 5,000 certified professionals working in 180 companies in over 60 countries, Open CA is recognized worldwide. An Open CA certification is divided into three levels: Certified, Master, and Distinguished.

Professional Cloud Solutions Architect Certification

The Cloud Credential Council offers a professional cloud solutions architect certification that is beneficial for technology professionals who want to help organizations in the early stages of cloud migration.

The certification course specifically covers the following topics: cloud computer and service management; IT as a service (ITaaS) and its key engineering concepts; consumer and customer expectations in cloud environments; implementing cloud technology; and analyzing cloud solution architecture.


When you need to stand out as an enterprise architect, the enterprise architect certifications mentioned above should be on your list. The best part is that you can get these certificates on your own with a little bit of study and effort.

Enterprise architects are one of the highest-paid IT personnel and professionals. However, becoming one is difficult. All you have to do is determine the best certification for your career goals and build a career in that domain.

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