Many people around the world mainly focus on fashion trends and accessories especially when it comes to womens, there are plenty of accessories obtainable on online store starting from earnings, chains till bags and sandals. When men look for fashion accessories they would have limited numbers when compared to women. There are different accessories available for men and women where the wrist watches remains to be common accessory for both. When a person decides to buy a wrist watch then there are several watch brands available in the market. Many people prefer to choose the branded one and because a branded timepiece would deliver stylish, classic and trendy look to the wearer.

On other hand men often would prefer to have high branded luxurious watches to expose their victory and success to others. While women would prefer to have luxurious watches designed high cost metals and stones such as diamonds, platinum, gold, silver, rubies and more. Thus when people look for luxurious watch manufactures then there are several brands available around them. Among all brands such as Hamilton, Rolex, Swiss and other people prefer to choose sevenfriday AG branded watches in wide range. This is mainly because sevenfriday AG manufacturer provide fresh and stylish time piece for young. On other hand the sevenfriday AG watches is only brand manufacturer who manufacture watches along with other fashions specialist such as sun glasses, apparels and bracelets.

What made people to prefer sevenfriday watch brands?

Especially young people prefer to buy the sevenfriday brand watches. This is because Swiss brand remains to be best in manufacturing luxury watches for people. Although the Swiss time pieces are quite good and highly featured, as their costs also high and many people willing to spend much amount to buy the watch only for its uniqueness. On other hand, the sevenfriday brands offered luxurious watch models similar to Swiss brand in low cost and this made all people to purchase sevenfriday branded watches in wider range.

Collection in sevenfriday watch model:

The sevenfriday watch brand has expanded their timepiece model in more than 80 countries. Even in present days the sevenfriday watch brand has several new collections of trendy and fashionable watches such as

  • The sevenfriday AG is first brand who introduced P3/04 KUKA, P3/04 KUKA III watch editions where the timepiece dial and case is highlighted with orange highlights. In addition they also have vibrant features.
  • Last back 3 years the sevenfriday brand introduced V series which is a Japan made with additional authentication facility with NFC chip. This ensures whether the watch wearer holds genuine model to wear.
  •  Next to V- series the sevenfriday brand has introduced Q series of watch brand where the watches is made with additional features like decentralized hour ring and date function.
  • M- Series watches are latest version where the hours and minutes are shown on disc which is designed in left side of window screen.

Thus the latest model of M- series is designed in such a way that time piece does not have true dial and time hand like analog watch display. Rather it displays the time in disc and seconds are spinning with blue line time head which is similar to digital watch display. All these attracted people to buy this luxury watch that too in affordable price.

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