What is the Role of Personalization in Email Marketing? Tips and Examples

Email is the easiest way to communicate and nowadays every adult has his or her own email address. Every smartphone user requires an email address for starting a new application. Email is the fastest means of communication and many companies use email as their marketing source. As you are an email user, you may notice that daily you get some emails from unknown accounts. These emails guide you about some companies and their services. The method the companies choose to interact with you is nothing but Email Personalization. You will get more information in this article, so read the article with full attention.

Email marketing is getting popular day by day. The main reason for its popularity is that it gives you fast service and it is the cheapest way of marketing as well. Now, if you recently opened a new company and want more and more customers, then you have to interact with more and more individuals. Email personalization is the best way to interact with more users. In the next section, I am going to guide you all about email personalization.

What is Email Personalization?

Email marketing is a way by which you can mail users to know about your services and email personalization is the process that helps you in getting targeted email addresses. Email personalization uses the personal information of the subscribers and fetches out more email addresses. Now, you can use your email marketing skills to attract these email address owners towards your services.

Email personalization plays a very important role in email marketing and it itself has much importance as well. In the next section, I am going to guide you all that.

What is the Importance of Email Personalization?

Email personalization is getting popular day by day. As new companies start interacting with more individuals through email. Old companies also use it to increase their business. Here, I am going to guide you with 4 major important factors of email personalization.

  • Rewards customers with a new experience: Email personalization helps you in fetching the email addresses of the individual who are showing interest in services, which you are also providing. By this, most of the users open your mail and you will get more new customers. As you know that the main goal of the companies is understanding the individual’s personality and interests.
  • Improves relationship: Email personalization is considered to be best as it improves relationships with customers as well. As the buyer knows about your services clearly after reading your email. By this, both the buyer and seller won as the buyer gets the best service and the seller gets new customers.
  • Total usage of email opportunities: Nowadays email users get tons of emails every day but only a few of those emails are opened by users. These few emails are those whose brand personalize emails properly and they squeeze the marketing media potential as well.
  • Email marketing standard: As the years go, email personalization is getting more and more popular. Now, you don’t need to do any research or hard work for finding email addresses. As many tools are available online that provide you with email personalization services. eSputnik is one of those online websites.

Techniques for Email Personalization

Nowadays 70% to 80% of companies use email marketing but only a few of them get success in attracting more customers. This is because they don’t know the techniques for email personalization. Here, I am going to guide you with 7 techniques that will help you in attracting more users to your services. So, let’s start with the techniques:

  • Ask the right questions: Before sending the personalized mails you should know about your customer’s interest. For this, you can ask them directly what types of emails they want to receive. After that only send them those emails.
  • Monitor cart abandoners: You can also send emails to the individual who added your products to the card but didn’t buy yet.
  • Provide product recommendations: By tracking your customer’s history, you can email them recommended products or offers.
  • Create a customer persona: Whenever a new client login into your website, a new profile gets created. So, you can manage that profile by adding that customer’s interests.
  • Send trigger emails: Whenever users perform any task on your website, you will send an email to the customer so that your customer engagement gets increased.
  • Celebrate client’s achievements: Whenever your clients complete any task or course with help of your website, you should congratulate them. This will help you in making your clients more engaged with your website.

Tips for Email Personalization

Here, you will get some tips by which you can increase your customer base by using email marketing.

  • Identify your task: First of all, you have to choose your plan for email personalization, which helps you in achieving your business goal.
  • Collect data: For making a personalized campaign you have to collect as must data as you can collect of your customers.
  • Add more options in subscription forms: While pacing the subscription form in front of your customer, also add an email column and ask them what kind of emails they want.
  • Send behavior-triggered emails: You should also send some behavior triggered emails.


That’s all for today. Now, hoping that you found the above article helpful. Hoping that you will know the role of personalization in email marketing. Now, eSputnik will provide you all email personalization tools. So, go and check their plans. — Always Keep Smiling!

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