Wireshark 3.0.4

Wireshark 3.0.4 released with a fix for several bugs and vulnerabilities. The Wireshark is the most popular network protocol analyzer used for analyzing network packets by organizations and individuals worldwide.

Windows installers for Wireshark now ships with Npcap 0.9983 and the macOS installer ships with Qt 5.12.3.

Security Vulnerabilities

wnpa-sec-2019-21 – By injecting a malformed packet or by convincing the user to read a malformed packet trace file, it is possible to make the Wireshark consume excessive CPU resources.

The vulnerability affects 3.0.0 to 3.0.3, 2.6.0 to 2.6.10 and it has been fixed with 3.0.4, 2.6.11.

Updated Protocol & File Support

Following are the protocols supported by Wireshark 3.0.4 includes BACnet, DCERPC, DNS, EAP, FC-dNS, Gryphon, IEEE 802.11, LSD, NFS, and Radiotap. The supported file formats are CommView and PacketLogger.

Other bugs fixed

  • Coloring Rules dialog – enable/disable coloring rule issues. Bug 15153.
  • Enabling Time-Of-Day in IO Graph causes the x-axis origin to be set to 01.01.1970. Bug 15247.
  • Wireshark GUI crashes when attempting to DnD multiple (possibly corrupted) pcapng files. Bug 15377.
  • Buildbot crash output: randpkt-2019-06-14-14291.pcap. Bug 15848.
  • 802.11 RSN IE may be shorter than 18 bytes. Bug 15905.
  • Tshark outputs two data rate instead of one. Bug 15928.
  • Typo in checkbox label at bottom of sshdump configuration screen (save parameters). Bug 15929.
  • Invalid pkcs11_libs entry crashes on Windows. Bug 15957.
  • Add additional text output for DNS types (DNSSEC). Bug 15970.
  • LSD bittorent. Bug 15971.
  • dfilter_macros is missing from Configuration Files article. Bug 15973.
  • Pane configuration inconsistencies. Bug 15976.
  • Packet list is sorted in reverse order after applying a display filter in Qt 5.13. Bug 15979.
  • EAP-TLS fragments are repeatedly displayed. Bug 15982.
  • Broken TLS handshake reassembly in EAP-TTLS with multiple TLS sessions. Bug 15983.
  • Wireshark does not support USB packets with size greater than 256 KiB. Bug 15985.
  • “Unable to drop files during capture.” when drag’n’drop entry to create display filter or filter button. Bug 15986.
  • Packet Bytes highlight for dns.qry.name.len and dns.count.labels off by one. Bug 15999.
  • Segmentation fault in nfs_name_snoop_fh. Bug 16017.
  • Changing the protocol preferences caused a crash. Bug 16019.
  • DCERPC dissector broken for functions with only scalar variables. Bug 16022.

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The new version can be downloaded from here.

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