0patch PRO

ACROS Security announced new Commercial 0patch PRO, a new platform that offers a security Micropatches for Windows platform Zero-day vulnerabilities.

0patch PRO is the first commercial platform in the security industries that offers rapid fixes for the zero-day flaws in order to fill the gap between the vulnerable product vendor updates and enterprises.

0patch Pro provides a micropatch for unpatched zero-day flows in software and operating systems.

Micropatch means, a piece of binary code that replace only vulnerable parts and this patch will apply to fixes the most Zero-day security vulnerabilities in windows platform.

According to 0patch report that shared to GBHackers on Security via email, “Micropatching, implemented by 0patch PRO, enables quick fixes of “0days” and unpatched vulnerabilities, end-of-life and unsupported products (for instance, vulnerable old Java versions) and fixes vulnerable 3rd party components and customized software.”

By applying the 0patch on your network, there are no reboots or downtime when patching and no fear that a huge official update will break production.

Usually, Official security updates always take time for any of the newly discovered vulnerability, in this case, applying the Micropatch eliminates vulnerabilities that are being exploited in the wild.

Some of the Important Futures that offering by Opatch,

  • quickly fix “0days” and unpatched vulnerabilities,
  • micropatch end-of-life and unsupported products (including vulnerable old Java versions),
  • provide patches for legacy OSes and applications,
  • repair what’s exploited in the wild,
  • fix vulnerable 3rd party components and customized software.

For example. Recently 0patch released a micropatch for Windows Vcard RCE Zero-day vulnerability after it crossed the 90 days patch deadline.

The company is offering 0patch FREE service for personal and non-profit educational use that will implement the same technology as 0patch PRO, but with a limited set of micropatches. ACROS Security said.

You can also find the FAQ page for the complete details of this platform and clarify your queries.

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