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Rewards Up to $10 Million for Information on Iranian Hackers

The United States Justice Department has announced big rewards for information leading to the capture of four Iranian nationals.These individuals are accused of conducting...

Iranian Hackers Attack Thousands of Organizations Using Password Spraying

Peach Sandstorm, an Iranian Hackers group that targets organizations globally, aligns with the following threat groups:-APT33ElfinRefined KittenBesides this, in the following sectors, the Iranian...

MERCURY – A Destructive Operation From Iranian Hackers Wipe Cloud Environments

MERCURY, an Iranian nation-state group, has recently been detected by Microsoft's Threat Intelligence team operating under the guise of a ransomware attack in hybrid...

Iranian Hackers Using BitLocker & DiskCryptor to Conduct Ransomware Attacks in U.S.

The focus of an ongoing attack against Israeli, American, European, and Australian organizations has been reported to have been provided by a ransomware group...

Two Iranian Hackers Charged For Gaining Access to Confidential Voter Information

The US department of justice has recently announced that they are awarding a $10 million prize for reporting the two Iranian hackers who are...

Iranian Hackers Attack the US & Israeli Defense Technology – Microsoft Warns

Iranian hackers have recently attacked Microsoft in which more than 250 Microsft Office 365 accounts that are linked to the United States, the European...

TA456 – Iranian Hackers Attack Defense Contractors with Malware To Exfiltrate Sensitive Data

The security researchers at Proofpoint have uncovered that the Iranian Hacking group, TA456 which is also known as "Tortoiseshell" and "Imperial Kitten" has recently...

Iranian Hackers Uses ScreenConnect Remote Access Tool to Target Government Agencies

Recently, the Anomali Threat Research team has detected a campaign that has been targeting only government offices located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).According...

Google Says Chinese & Iranian Hackers Targeted Campaigns of Trump and Biden

Cybercriminals targeted the email accounts of President Donald Trump’s and Democrat Joe Biden campaign staffers, Google researchers said.Google's TAG who deals with nation-state hacking...

Iranian Hackers Group Breached U.S Government Website & Posted a Revenge Messages

U.S government website agency website hacked by Iran cybersecurity group hackers and posted a revenge message for killing top military commander Qassem Suleimani.The...

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