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Hackers Targeted Campaigns

Google Says Chinese & Iranian Hackers Targeted Campaigns of Trump and Biden

Cybercriminals targeted the email accounts of President Donald Trump’s and Democrat Joe Biden campaign staffers, Google researchers said. Google's...
U.S Government Website

Iranian Hackers Group Breached U.S Government Website & Posted a Revenge Messages

U.S government website agency website hacked by Iran cybersecurity group hackers and posted a revenge message for killing top military commander Qassem Suleimani....

Iranian Hackers Launching New Disk-wiping Malware “ZeroCleare” To Bypass The Windows Controls &...

Researchers discovered a new wave of destructive attack by the Iranian hacker group using disk-wiping malware “ZeroCleare” to wipe the MBR and...
Citrix Hacked

Citrix Hacked – Terabytes of Sensitive data Stolen by Iranian Hackers

Citrix hacked, Yes, Citrix suffered a massive data breach and the company believes that the attackers may have stolen atleast 6 TB...
Nine Iranian Hackers

U.S. Department of Justice Charged Nine Iranian Hackers for Conducting Massive Cyber Theft Campaign

The U.S. Department of Justice Charged Nine Iranian Hackers for conducting a massive cyber theft campaign to steal academic data and intellectual property from...


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