Best Way to Get App Installs Cheap and Quick

Do you want to know the best way to get app installs without wasting your money? We’re gonna give you some guidelines to make your campaign seamless and cheap. Keep reading to find out easy marketing tips and tricks.

How to push Your App Up at The Lowest Price?

Keyword installs is a strategy that helps you to get a higher rank in the App Store or Google Play. You get installs by incentive users and the algorithm increases your position.

After that, your app is visible and you attract more organic traffic. Such a type of promotion takes a lot of time, but surely brings you results. However, you can force its tempo and save your money. How to do it? Make ASO for your app before the promotion. 

ASO stands for app store optimization and means improving some aspects of your app. Firstly, you should know that app markets calculate ranks in different ways.

In Google Play, the vital things for your position are title and description. In turn, the App Store algorithm pays attention to your title, subtitle, and keywords field. Thus, you’ll need relevant keywords to add in all of these fields.

You can look through the titles and descriptions of other applications in your niche. In this way, you’ll get the pattern for your text and can find keywords. Before using them, check their relevance. For that, enter a keyword in the search field and scroll the results.

If apps provide the same functions like yours, the search request is appropriate. Also, users of can get keyword suggestions with the smart campaign.

But don’t make the same mistake as many other developers. The most popular search requests that are irrelevant for your app won’t bring you traffic. You’ll just waste your money and time. 

So, if your app is optimized and has relevant keywords, the promotion will be faster and more effective. Make ASO before your marketing campaign and benefit from the best way to get app installs.

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