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Bithumb Hacked – Hackers Transferred $20 Million Worth Cryptocurrencies From Bithumb Wallet

Bithumb Hacked 3rd time, Yes, One of the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb Hacked by unknown cybercriminals and they have stolen nearly $20 million worth cryptocurrencies from its wallet.

Bithumb is a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange allegedly facing continuous cyber attacks since 2017, and this is 3 rd time in past 2 years.

Bithumb detected an unauthorized transaction of the company’s cryptocurrency through Bithumb’s abnormal trading monitoring system on 29th March.

The attackers withdrew around 3 million EOS($13.4 million) and 20 million Ripple coins (XRP)($6 million).

In June 2018 about $31 million of cryptocurrency was stolen from Bithumb in a hack since then, Now Bithumb hacked 3rd time again and it’s a second biggest attack in it’s history.

Bithumb believes that the incidents took place with the help of internal staff and said “it was our fault that we only focused on the defense of outside attack and lack of verification in internal staff.”

Hackers have stolen the private key from EOS account g4ydomrxhege and all the EOS was transferred to attackers wallet address ifguz3chmamg .

According to Dovey Wan , Founding Partner Primitive with wheatpond “EOS won’t be able to freeze this time, or it’s now too late, Hacker has been disposing of the stolen EOS via ChangeNow, a non-custodial crypto swap platform does not require KYC/account “

Bithumb Hacked

Bithumb said that all the stolen cryptocurrency is owned by a company, and all the member’s asset is under the protection of cold wallet.

“According to the company’s manual, Bithumb secured all the cryptocurrency from the detection time with a cold wallet and checked them by blocking deposit and withdrawal service.”

Internal investigation reveals that the incident is an “accident involving insiders” and also company said, “This won’t be happened again as we develop the internal workforce verification system.”

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