BlackSquid Malware Uses Eight Exploits to attack Web servers, Network Drives, and Removable Drives

A new malware dubbed BlackSquid bags eight notorious exploits to drop XMRig Monero cryptocurrency miner targeting web servers, network drives, and removable drives.

The malware employs several anti-virtualization, anti-debugging, and anti-sandboxing methods to avoid detection. If the malware detects any sandboxes, it immediately cancels the infection process to avoid detections.

Trend Micro observed that BlackSquid targets Thailand and the U.S., based on the samples observed by researchers now it downloads and installs an XMRig Monero cryptocurrency miner, but can be utilized with other payloads in future.

The malware enters into the system through three different initial entry points that include infected webpages, compromised servers, or via removable or network drives.

If the malware doesn’t meet the conditions, then it drops the XMRig Monero malware and processes the malicious cryptocurrency-mining malware routines. It also uses EternalBlue-DoublePulsar exploits for further network propagations.


The malware also gets executed by utilizing the critical vulnerability CVE-2017-8464, that allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on the target machine as a local user.

BlackSquid also exploits the Apache Tomcat exploit CVE-2017-12615, which “enables any code to be executed by the server by uploading a JavaServer Pages (JSP) file via a specially crafted HTTP PUT request.”

It also targets Rejetto HTTP File Server using CVE-2014-6287 “to run mshta.exe via a %00 sequence in a search action. Once abused, this allows attackers to execute arbitrary programs remotely.”

“Among the vulnerabilities abused are three ThinkPHP exploits to support multiple versions of the said framework, using mshta.exe to download and execute the main component of the payload,” reads Trend Micro report.

Along with the attacks, BlackSquid downloads two XMRig cryptocurrency-mining components, that checks for the existence of video card in the target systems, it checks for Nvidia and AMD video cards, if present it downloads the second component to mine for graphics processing unit (GPU) resource.


The BlackSquid is the highly sophisticated malware that allows a threat actor to escalate the privileges, Hardware Sabotage, steal sensitive information form organization and to launch various attacks.

Indicators of compromise



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