Lazarus APT Hackers Group Attack Linux & Windows Platform Using  Dacls RAT

Lazarus APT Hackers Group Attack Linux & Windows Platform Using Dacls RAT

Researchers discovered a previously unknown fully functional Remote Access Trojan called "Dacls" from infamous Lazarus APT hackers group to attack Linux and...
Momentum Botnet

Momentum Botnet Attacks Linux Devices and Recruit them as Botnet to Launch DDoS Attacks...

Security researchers from Trend Micro observed a new malware activity targeting devices running the Linux platform, the malware samples found to be...

Multi-Platform Malware “ACBackdoor” Attack Both Windows & Linux Users PC by Executing Arbitrary Code

Researchers discovered a previously undetected multi-platform malware called ACbackdoor that has both Linux and Windows Variant to infect the respective users and...
Linux Malware Skidmap

Linux Malware Skidmap Uses kernel-mode Rootkits to Hide Cryptocurrency Mining Activities

Skidmap is a recent sample of the Linux malware that loads malicious kernel modules to hide it's Cryptocurrency mining activities by faking...
Elasticsearch Servers

Multistage Attack Delivers BillGates/Setag Backdoor to Turn Elasticsearch Servers into DDoS Botnet

A new multistage attack exploiting Elasticsearch servers using the old unpatched vulnerability to invoke a shell with a crafted query and encoded...


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