Joshua Adam Schulte, an Ex-CIA Contractor charged in major CIA hacking Tools leak to Wikileaks that was developed by CIA to spy foreign adversaries.

Joshua Worked for CIA where he assigned to develop spy software and last month he was suspected by FBI, yesterday he was charged by U.S. District Judge for this CIA historical hacking tools leaks.

Leaked Tools are Frequently Published by WikiLeaks, an international non-profit organization that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media that gathered from anonymous sources.

In 2016, Schulte, who was then employed by the CIA, stole the Classified Information from a computer network at the CIA and later transmitted it to WikiLeaks.

On March 7, 2017 WikiLeaks Released on the Internet classified national defense material (variety of powerful CIA Hacking Tools) belonging to the CIA.

He was arrested by FBI for possession and transportation of approximately ten thousand images and videos of child pornography.

In this case, Joshua Adam was charged in a 13-count Superseding Indictment for theft of classified national defense information from the Central Intelligence Agency and transferred the secret data to an organization that leaked in public.

Joshua Also charged Purposely damaging a CIA computer system, deleting the records of his activities and blocking others from accessing the system and Schulte subsequently made material false statements to FBI agents concerning his conduct at the CIA.

He Pleaded not guilty for these charges and Now he was in custody on child pornography charges.

According to U.S Department of Justice,  FBI agents identified Internet chat logs in which Schulte and others discussed their receipt and distribution of child pornography.  FBI agents also identified a series of Google searches conducted by Schulte in which he searched the Internet for child pornography.

New Charges Against Joshua Adam for CIA Hacking Tools Leak

  1.  illegal gathering of national defense information
  2.  illegal transmission of lawfully possessed national defense information
    illegal transmission of unlawfully possessed national defense information
  3.  unauthorized access to a computer to obtain classified information theft of Government   property
  4.  unauthorized access of a computer to obtain information from a Department or Agency  of the United States
  5. causing transmission of a harmful computer program, information, code, or command
    making material false statements to representatives of the FBI
  6. obstruction of justice
  7. receipt of child pornography
  8. possession of child pornography
  9. transportation of child pornography
  10. copyright infringement.

As alleged, Schulte utterly betrayed this nation and downright violated his victims. As an employee of the CIA, Schulte took an oath to protect this country, but he blatantly endangered it by the transmission of Classified Information.” said Assistant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney.


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