Citrix Internal Network Hacked and Access the Most Sensitive Data for 6 Month by Unknown Hackers

Citrix finally confirms that the cybercriminals successfully compromised their internal network and accessed the most sensitive files also they removed from their network during the security breach that reported in March.

Citrix Systems, Inc.a well-known software company that provides server, application, and desktop virtualization, networking, software as a service, and cloud computing technologies for NASA, FBI, etc.

Citrix experienced a massive data breach and the company were believed that the attackers may have stolen at least 6 TB to 10 TB of data.

In March when FBI notified to Citrix regarding this incident that they believed that Iran-base organized cybercrime group called Iridium who may have stolen at least 6-10 TB of highly sensitive data that belongs to the project data of aerospace industry, the FBI, NASA, and Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company.

During the attack, threat actors leveraged a combination of tools, techniques, and procedures, allowing them to conduct targeted network intrusion to access The internal network.

After this incident learned by Citrix, they deployed the security experts and immediately launched an investigation.

In this case, FBI was claimed that Citrix Hacked by international cyber criminals who have gained access to the internal system and stole the sensitive business documents.

Now, Citrix Released a new statement that named as “Notice of Data Breach” to Office of the Attorney General and all the Citrix employees who were suffered by this data breach.

Based on the investigation report, Citrix confirmed that the cybercriminals had intermittent access to our network between October 13, 2018, and March 8, 2019, and that they removed files from Citrix internal systems.

Stolen data contains current and former employees and, in limited cases, information about beneficiaries and/or dependents including names, Social Security numbers, and financial information.

“In order to find out the solution and future prevention Citrix have engaged leading cyber security firms to assist our internal team with its forensic investigation, and also cooperating with the FBI in connection with their investigation of the cyber criminals”, Peter Lefkowitz, Chief Privacy and Digital Risk Officer said.

Additionally, and as a precaution, we have arranged for you, at your option, to enroll in Equifax ID Patrol, a complimentary one-year credit monitoring, dark web monitoring, and identity restoration service. You have until August 31, 2019, to activate the free, Citrix added in their statement.

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