bypass ssl

Bypassing and Disabling SSL Pinning on Android to Perform Man-in-the-Middle Attack

Certificate Pinning is an extra layer of security to achieve protection against man-in-the-middle. It ensures only certified Certificate Authorities (CA) can sign certificates for your domain, and not any CA in your browser store.

Who and Why Make DDoS Attacks on The Site of Colleges and Universities ?

Sites of colleges and universities are constantly subject to DDOS attacks. But who does it? do students really need to drop sites?” Hacking is a major vice of this generations young adult. Usually, it...

Hacker Leaked New Windows 10 Zero-day Exploit Online To Bypass Already Patched Bug

SanboxEscaper, an anonymous hacker came back and leaked an another Windows zero-day PoC that exploits already patched (CVE-2019-0841) local privilege escalation vulnerability that resides in Windows 10. This is a second zero-day that...
Email Hacking Tool

Iranian Based OilRig APT Hackers Owned Email Hacking Tool Leaked in Telegram

OilRig APT hackers group owned Email Hacking Tool leaked by another group of hackers named “Lab Dookhtegan” in Telegram. This tool named as Jason, which is one among the hacking tools listed in...

How to Hack WPA/WPA2 PSK Enabled WiFi Password in Your Network

New Attack method for WiFi Hacker discovered to hack WiFi Password that secured with WPA/WPA2 in WiFi networks that allow attackers to gain Pre-shared Key hash that used to hack Wifi Password used by targeted victims. WiFi Alliance recently updated...


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