Beware of Destructive Malware Shamoon V3 that Targets Oil and Gas Industry

A new version of the destructive malware dubbed Shamoon V3 targeting European oil and gas company in Middle East and Asia. Shamoon malware was first identified in the year 2012, it targeted Saudi Arabia’s oil company internal...

100,000 Printers Hacked Worldwide Again by Hackers to Promote PewDiePie YouTube Channel

Hackers who support PewDiePie, A most subscribed YouTube channel so far strike again and compromised more than 100,000 printers around the world to promote and gain the subscription agaist T-series. This latest series of...
Malware Detection Competition

Microsoft Launchs a New Windows machine Malware Detection Competition for $25K Cash Prize

Microsoft launches Malware Detection Competition with AI to test whether the participants AI malware detection models can accurately predict malware from the infected device. Since Malware evolution  is continuously targeting organization and individuals with sophisticated...

Who and Why Make DDoS Attacks on The Site of Colleges and Universities ?

Sites of colleges and universities are constantly subject to DDOS attacks. But who does it? do students really need to drop sites?” Hacking is a major vice of this generations young adult. Usually, it starts with the basics like hacking...
Indian Websites

15,779 Indian Websites Hacked During This Year (Jan – Nov) – CERT-India

India Computer Emergency Response Team reported over 15779 Indian websites hacked during Jan-Nov 2018 and this year less breaches were reported when compared to the previous years. Indian Parliament informed that Electronics and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and 33,147...


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