How to Find Good Cartridge Replacements for HP Officejet Printers

Replacing the ink in your HP Officejet printer is expensive and many of us avoid it until we have run the printer dry before we head out and buy yet another overpriced original ink. The good news is that this doesn’t need to be the way forward, you could choose HP compatible cartridges and save yourself a ton of money!

Lots of people question how reliable replacement ink is but these concerns date back to when the first replacement inks came out. They used to be messy and difficult to use but times have changed. Nowadays, replacement inks are as good, if not better than original inks as long as you know where to look for them.

Where Can I Find Replacement Inks?

Many places offer replacement inks and you can find them in stores or through online shops. The best place to look is online as the in-store versions are typically more expensive as they only have to compete with the original ink brand.

Begin your search by putting your ink cartridge details into an internet search, e.g. HP 903 XL. You will be provided with a list of companies that offer your ink and you can begin to look for the best quality and value ink that you can find.

How Do I Work Out if the Replacement Ink Supplier is Quality?

If you have found a supplier of HP cartridges for your HP Officejet online and want to work out if their ink is the quality you are looking for then follow our simple tips that will help you to decide whether you should buy them or not.

1 – Make sure the supplier is an ink specialist. This means that the main portion of their business is focused on the supplying of ink. This is a good sign as it means they are making enough money from selling ink to sustain their business.

2 – Check whether they offer a full HP range. If you have found a potential supplier but they only offer one or two HP inks then it may be worth looking elsewhere for a company that focuses on HP.

3 – Find out what the customer service policy is. A company that provides strong customer service and extended money back guarantees believes in their product. This means that you are more likely to have a good experience with them and can return your items if they don’t live up to your expectations.

Why Cartridge Replacements Are Great!

By now, you should be confident to know what to look for and how to get the best replacement ink for your HP Officejet printer.

Companies like Smart Ink and other ink replacement businesses work tirelessly to bring you the best ink replacements that money can buy. Not only do they offer a better, more personal service that costs less but the use quality ink that will last forever.

Try replacement ink the next time you need a top up and we are sure you will never go back to original inks again!

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