How to Recover Data from a Corrupted SD Card

A corrupted SD card means when an SD card suffers damage, and the files present in it become unreadable. In some cases, the corrupted SD card can’t be accessible. In such a case, the SD card doesn’t show any data at all. Corrupted SD cards affect countless people on a daily basis. In some cases, it leads to the loss of some of the most important files and photos. But fortunately, there are some photo recovery and file recovery available that can help you in this case. 

How Come The SD Cards Get Corrupted?

Various reasons can damage the SD card. The logical damage cause problem in the SD card, and there are several ways it can happen, such as:

  • Human errors- this is one of the biggest reasons behind a corrupted SD card. This can be due to the irresponsibility of the user. Users don’t eject the SD card properly, and it interrupts the write/read process of the SD card. Apart from that, people are not aware that few devices only support certain types of files. When someone uses an SD card on a device that doesn’t support the files, then it can cause damage to the SD card. 
  • Malware- apart from human error common virus can cause damage to the SD card, many strains of malware is responsible for corrupted SD card and damage the data in them. It can happen when a user installs shady software where a virus is present. It can also happen by visiting some websites that only exist to earn money without offering any value. In this case, the user can’t do anything about it.
  • Outages and hardware issues- SD cards need a certain voltage to work, just like the storage device. But at times, due to hardware issues, power outages, and other problems, the read/write operations don’t finish properly. That is why it is always wide to use famous brand-name SD cards when the manufacturers don’t compromise with the quality.

Apart from that, bugs in software can result in the logical damage of the SD card. Unintentional formatting can also lead to such problems. As there are so many reasons that play a role behind a corrupted SD card, it is hard to keep your SD card safe. Luckily, some photo recovery apps, file recovery apps, and various applications are present that can help you avoid such problems. 

How to recover the data from a corrupted SD card with Recoverit?

There is various photo recovery software available that can help you with recovering data. But it is always vital to choose the best option so that you will not face any trouble in the future. Wondershare Recoverit is one of the most powerful software designed for photo recovery and file recovery from a corrupted SD card. If you have a corrupted data and want to recover deleted photos or files, then Recoverit can help you. For that, you need to follow few steps.

Step-1 Download and install Recoverit

At first, you need to download and install the Recoverit software on your device. Whether you are a Mac user or a Windows user, you can recover your data or photos by following these steps. After installing Recoverit to your device, you need to connect your card to the device.

Step-2- Select the card.

First, open Recoverit on your device and then make sure the damaged SD card is connected to the PC.  Then select it and then enter the “start” button and scan the data.

Step-3 Scan the corrupted SD card

After selecting the card in this photo recovery software, it is time to scan the SD card. Recoverit will start scanning the data and show you some uncoverable files. You won’t be able to recover deleted files from pc right after the scanning. You need to scan your SD card again with “Deep Scan.” “Deep scan” will take some time to search files, and it will take some time to complete the photo recovery process.

Step-4 Recover data from the SD card

After completing the deep scan process, you will be able to preview and recover the deleted photos. After that, enter the “recover” option to get your files back.


Losing the files and photos can be a huge problem. You will lose the data and that you have stored for years. In this case, this highly advanced photo recovery software can help you to get your data back. Recoverit is one of the best data recovery software you will ever found. Even if you lose all your data or your SD card gets corrupted, you don’t have to worry at all. Recoverit has got your back. Just install Recoverit and get your lost important files, photos, and data back.

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