macOS Malware

A new macOS malware disguised as a copy of Discord app takes screenshots
repeatedly and sends to attackers command-and-control (C&C) server.  The Legitimate Discord that used by gamers to communicate with each other. 

Malwarebytes researcher Adam Thomas found the malicious copy of the app, the malicious app pretends to be a legit Discord app, it includes Python code and base64-encoded Python snippets.

macOS Malware

To take the screenshot at regular intervals the payload will launch an agent which keeps the agent as well as the backdoor EmPyre code running.

The malware appears to be in the development stageand  it dosen’t include any functionality of the legitimate, the malicious app contains only an automated script.

The malware author uses the generic Automator icon that shows in the menu bar when any automated script is running. Before the user notice notices something is going wrong the malware sends screenshot to the attackers servers.

Another Mac malware was identified by Lambert and analyzed by Wardle, the malicious document which uses sandox escape to launch agent and a python script to maintain persistence.

The attack relies on the malicious Word document and the user need to allows macros to run, if macros disabled then you are safe.

DarthMiner and LamePyre had similarities in the way they are distributed, both use Python scripts and EmPyre backdoor. Researchers beleive both the malware created by the same developer.

Recently CoinTicker app suffered a supply chain attack, the app pushes 2 different backdoors on Mac users to steal the cryptocurrency coins and other malicious activities.

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