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What is a Phone Tracker and How to Use It

When you have teenagers or children who own smartphones, it’s advisable to install a phone tracker on their devices. This is essential because it’ll help you in monitoring their activities since there’re many inappropriate content and websites for kids on the internet. And your kids are prone to these online incidences.

What is a phone tracker Android?

Technology is evolving, and spying apps such as Hoverwatch phone tracker are developing every day. This’s a mobile tracking software which can be installed and used on Android phones.

Since the growth of technology, there’re many developments in every sector of life, including personal growth. Also, there have been many suspicious activities among spouses, children, employees, parents, and children. This has influenced the creation of Hoverwatch phone tracker app.

This mobile tracker has the abilities to monitor smartphone data such as messages, phone calls, WhatsApp history, and Facebook activities. It can also spy browsers history, Instagram, contact lists and device location.

What is Phone Tracker

Hoverwatch is an easy-to-use and convenient program which you can use to track smartphones. This tool is compatible with Android devices. It’s also one of the widely used software for parental and employers’ control.

Hoverwatch will not only track SMS, phone calls, or any other telephonic activities but also monitor social networking interactions. Thus, if you’re using Hoverwatch app, you’ll get comfort because you’ve hired a spy program that will provide you with updated report 24/7.

It’s multitasking as well as universal spying app. It offers you many unique monitoring features to track your targeted phones.

The software will also give you access to accurate information shared on target devices, and via any channel. Whether it’s phone service providers or social networking apps, every data will be logged into your Hoverwatch account for your viewing.

What Can I Do with Hoverwatch Phone Tracker as an Employer?

Anyone can use Hoverwatch application, especially those who have serious concerns on security issues regarding the data on their phones.

The software will help you to determine if someone else tampered with your phone, even when you don’t have physical access to that device.
Employers can use the tool to track how company data is being shared.
You can also use Hoverwatch to monitor your employees’ activities and their location during work hours. Additionally, the tracker can help you to know how much time your workers spend in their launch breaks.

What Can I Do with Hoverwatch Phone Tracker as a Parent?

If you’re a guardian or parent with teenagers or children, you can spy on their smartphone using Hoverwatch. With this application, you can know all their online activities without them noticing.

You can monitor smartphones used by other people as well, such as your spouse.

Also, parents who are cautious of the internet threats on their children can install this Android tracker on the kid’s phones.

Other Activities You Can Do with Hoverwatch Phone Tracker

Track Calls

You can use the program to track the calls your kids made. This tool will log all the incoming and outgoing calls of the monitored Android device.

Track Emails

The Android tracker program can monitor email activities performed on the target smartphone. This is essential in assuring the confidentiality of your files and messages.

Manage SMS will let you know the sent and received SMS, as well as MMS information. So, all the logged data on the received or sent text messages can be tracked.

Track Internet History

The Hoverwatch spy software will also record every activity performed online. Such information includes website visited and the applications accessed using the targeted device.

This app is helpful if you intend to monitor your kid’s smartphones. When the information is logged into your account, you can check whether they browsed objectionable content or websites.

Geolocation Feature

This Hoverwatch feature will enable you to trace and locate the location of the target device using Wi-Fi and GPS. Even when these networks have been turned off, the software can still track the position using GSM.

Crack Passwords

One of the crucial reasons for the rise of Hoverwatch software is to spy login information for social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, and others. Once you install the application on the targeted smartphone, it’ll record the usernames and passwords when a user logs in on these accounts.

Application Spy

When your kids are using your smartphone, they can uninstall a useful application from your device. Also, they can install an objectionable app and then uninstall after using it. Hoverwatch will track these activities and record every detail into your account.

Hoverwatch Phone Tracker Functionality

The Android tracker is an excellent tool that will help you in recording all keyboard activities performed on the targeted smartphone.
It’ll show you all chat messages on Skype.

You can also access the texts received or sent by a user online. Click on the user panel and all the information will be downloaded.
The software can also show you graphics used from the target smartphone user.

Pricing Policy

Anyone who decides to use Hoverwatch software can subscribe to its competitive plans. All features will be available for all pricing options. The subscription packages include:

The Persona Plan

This package is priced at $24.95, and it’s for one device, for one month. You can also opt a three-months offer at $59.95 or a one-year plan at $99.95.

The Professional Package

This Hoverwatch plan is priced at $9.95 a month for one device. For five devices, the price is $49.95 a month. It also has three months package costing $99.95, and $199.95 for 12 months (one year)

The Business Plan

This is one of the most competitive plans. Its price starts at $6.00 monthly for one device. Additionally, this plan can support simultaneous tracking of up to 25 smartphones at $149.95 a month, 299.95 for a three months subscription, and $499.95 for 12 months.

Conclusion and Results

Don’t stay in the dark any longer. Start protecting your company and family interests with Hoverwatch app. Hidden observation with this spy tool is more effective than using any other means to control your children or employees. is functional. You can create an account and access it from any Android phone with internet connections. Hoverwatch phone tracker can also offer you free 3-days evaluation period.


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