PRPosting — A New Service for Guest Posting

PRPosting is a content distribution platform that brings new concepts of link building, content marketing, and concealed marketing. The service has already been launched, and its guest posting features were appreciated by more than 272 clients. 

Founded by SEO Specialists

The development of PRPosting was led by Aleksandr Kirik, an experienced SEO specialist who has worked in the marketing industry for more than 10 years. The team of developers once used to work in projects struggling with posting informational and promotional content. As a result, today, PRPosting provides complete marketing solutions to projects that are looking for efficient promotion.

Finding the best option for link building and content marketing is often a challenge for companies and startup projects. PRPosting specialists suggest that matching the right link with the most suitable strategy is the key to the best result. Allowing the platform users to build their own marketing strategy, PRPosting offers:

  • more than 30,000 platforms for content distribution;
  • manual content placement;
  • guaranteed content placement or refund in unforeseen cases;
  • custom filters for favorite, unwanted, and other platforms.

Link building services that PRPosting provides operate on platforms that are exclusive for users. Also, the service offers selected website collections tagged by language, subject, and market on which they operate. 

Outreach Marketing

Clients of PRPosting platform receive free outreach services for account replenishment. They simply get the result without being involved in any bureaucracy or management of third parties.


  • PRPosting guarantees that the content you want to share will be placed; otherwise, your money will be refunded within 7 days.
  • The platform makes the account replenishment even more convenient, allowing its users to add funds using 5 different currencies: US dollars, Euros, British pounds, Ukrainian hryvnias, and Russian rubles.
  • Both entities and individuals can use PRPosting services.

Also, these features are free — no additional charges will be involved.

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