QuickSet and Grid Configurator of Schweitzer Labs were found to be vulnerable to multiple vulnerabilities that threat actors can exploit. Nearly, 9 new vulnerabilities were found which include 4 High severity and 5 Medium severity vulnerabilities. 

The High severity vulnerabilities belong to SEL-5037 GridConfigurator, and the Medium severity vulnerabilities belong to SEL-5030 acSELerator QuickSet Software.

SEL-5037 GridConfigurator is used for creating, managing, and deploying settings for SEL power system devices, and SEL-5030 acSELerator QuickSet Software is used by engineering for configuring, commissioning and managing devices for power system protection, monitoring, meter, and control.

Both GridConfigurator and QuickSet offer a wide range of functionalities, allowing a threat actor to perform a remote code execution. Additionally, either of these applications can control all the logic of Schweitzer Labs devices.

Technical Analysis

As per reports shared with Cyber Security News, the vulnerability CVE-2023-31171, which exists in the QuickSet due to improper neutralization of special elements used in SQL commands, can be exploited by a threat actor to perform remote code execution. 

This can be done using a crafted package since QuickSet can import device configuration from an external DMX file. It can also be chained with CVE-2023-31175 (Elevation of Privilege vulnerability) for achieving administrative privileges on the target workstation.

Discovered attackers can exploit vulnerabilities for performing various attack vectors like Social engineering (Phishing) emails to a victim with a DMX file and convincing them to restore it.

Once the systems are compromised, the threat actors can conduct many malicious activities, including extracting sensitive data, surveillance, lateral movements, and others.

Another severe vulnerability was CVE-2023-34392 (Missing authentication of critical function) can be exploited by a threat actor to execute a specially crafted client-side script code when the Grid Configurator is open. 

Products that are affected by this vulnerability include AcSELerator QuickSet prior to version (included) and Schweitzer Labs Grid Configurator before version (included). 

CVE IDCVSS ScoreDescriptionAffected Products
‍CVE-2023-311758.8Execution with Unnecessary PrivilegesGrid Configurator
CVE-2023-343928.2Missing Authentication for Critical FunctionGrid Configurator
CVE-2023-311737.7Use of Hard-coded CredentialsGrid Configurator
CVE-2023-311747.4Cross-Site Request ForgeryGrid Configurator
‍CVE-2023-311705.9Inclusion of Functionality from Untrusted Control SphereSEL-5030 acSELerator QuickSet Software
‍CVE-2023-311715.9Improper Neutralization of Special Elements used in an SQL CommandSEL-5030 acSELerator QuickSet Software
‍CVE-2023-311725.9Incomplete Filtering of Special ElementsSEL-5030 acSELerator QuickSet Software
‍CVE-2023-311685.5Inclusion of Functionality from Untrusted Control SphereSEL-5030 acSELerator QuickSet Software
‍CVE-2023-311694.8Improper Handling of Unicode EncodingSEL-5030 acSELerator QuickSet Software

Users of these products are recommended to upgrade to their latest version to fix these vulnerabilities and prevent them from getting exploited.

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