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Tips to Watch Sports For Free

If you are a true sports fan, you probably try to follow the competitions live at least from time to time. However, lately, it has become more and more expensive to follow different championships. Channels buy the rights to different leagues and an ordinary fan has to buy a subscription to several cable channels or online services. As a result, every month we pay $200, if not more, for sports subscriptions alone.

In this article, together with, we will tell you how you can save on paid subscriptions and watch your favorite competitions free.


ESPN is a network of cable TV channels. ESPN 1, 2,3 and many others are available with a paid subscription. If you subscribe to all of them, then you will not miss a single game. But you don’t have to do this. If you go to their website, you will find several free broadcasts.

These can be football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, golf, tennis and some other sports. ESPN has its streaming service, ESPN+, which is available for the not-so-big $4.99 a month and $49.99 a year. ESPN+, unlike the cable channels, does not give you the ability to watch the big games, especially the major rivalries in soccer and baseball. But they do promise to give at least one MLB game every day on a subscription basis, as well as other sports and themed shows. 

You won’t be able to watch all the games for free with ESPN, but sometimes you can fall for something available. 

Sports Bookmakers

If you’ve ever visited a bookmaker’s office, you’ve probably seen many TVs simultaneously broadcasting various sports events. The same thing happens on bookmaker websites. Registered users have access to live broadcasts of matches. This is done so that the user can follow live the fate of a bet he has made, or, by following the game, bet on the outcome he has predicted. 

Broadcasts on the websites of bookmakers are not of the highest quality. In most cases, the image is not HD and there are no comments so that there are no problems with the copyright of TV channels. But if you want to watch football, basketball, soccer, tennis and other sports for free, then this is a good option. Especially when viewed on a phone using a mobile app. 

Besides, with the help of the bookmaker’s bonuses presented on, you can not only watch the game of your favorite team but also try to make money on it. 

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a streaming service of the famous social network. The service was launched in August 2017. It offers users a personalized feed based on recommendations.

To watch sports, you need to be a registered Facebook user. For sports videos and broadcasts to appear in your feed, you need to be subscribed to the corresponding communities. That is, if you love MLB, then you need to subscribe to the MLB site on Facebook to access the games. 

Watching tournaments on Facebook is convenient and easy, they show one MLB game per week and several matches of the NFL, NBA and other competitions. Of course, the broadcast frequency is far from ideal, but that’s not bad, considering that you don’t pay anything for it. 

Also, the site has broadcasts provided by regular users. They are unofficial, but they are there. 

Laola 1

Laola 1 is a German streaming site that also offers free sports broadcasts. You do not need to know German to use it, as you can switch to the English version of the site in the lower taskbar. Considering that this is a European site, there are no American NBA, NFL, MLB leagues, but soccer, volleyball and some other sports. 

If you do not want to buy a premium subscription for a few dollars, then be prepared for the fact that during the broadcasts you sometimes have to watch ads, and when you select some games, the site will simply redirect you to a paid service. 


It is not profitable for channels that buy expensive broadcasting rights from leagues to allow users to watch matches for free. However, some options can be used to watch games without spending a cent, and the money saved can be spent on groceries for the home or traveling. Some of the free sports streaming options are noteworthy. They allow you to satisfy at least part of your sporting needs.If that’s not enough, you can take advantage of paid streaming services that offer content for a modest fee. But we will talk about them another time. In the meantime, you can read interesting materials on


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