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ERMProtect Launches a new extensive list of animated chalkboard videos, digital games, cyber dictionaries, phishing tests and quizzes that allow employees to recognize the tactics followed by hackers.

The educational games were launched to show the employees how to work safely online and to minimize the risk of triggering an organizational data breach.

“The games give organizations yet another pathway to teaching employees how to protect an organization’s sensitive information and comply with data laws and standards,” said ERMProtect President Silka Gonzalez. “The goal is to help companies address the human vulnerabilities impacting information security.”

Spot the Phish” shows employees emails, online advertisements, sign-in links, and other common Internet content. Employees must decide if they are real or phony. They receive detailed feedback on why their answers are right or wrong. The games teach employees to spot fake government emails, malicious ad solicitations, business compromise emails and dozens of other common scams targeted at them every day.

Count the Phish” displays similar materials, each with multiple (up to 10) phishing lures hidden within each. Employees are challenged to spot and correctly count the number of phishing attacks. These challenges teach employees the many ways information assets can be compromised.

The contents are available for free from ERMProtect website and social media channels. The training programs may create awareness among employees.

“Some of these organizations had the most sophisticated technical defenses in the world, yet they failed to address the human factor in cybersecurity by offering security awareness training,” Gonzalez said.

The platform has 100+ modules and all the training are written by security experts. Courses are available in English and Spanish.

Following are the topics covered that includes new employee training, email security, password security, social media security, smartphone security, social engineering, ransomware, vishing, IoT, clean desk and insider threat. Topics also include regulatory compliance such as NIST, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI, PHI and GDPR.

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