Security Risk Advisors (SRA) announces the launch of their OT/XIoT Detection Selection Workshop, a complimentary offering designed to assist organizations in selecting the most suitable operational technology (OT) and Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) security tools for their unique environments. 

Led by seasoned OT/XIoT security consultants, the workshop provides participants with an invaluable opportunity to gain insights into both best-in-class and novel solutions and identify those closest to their specific needs.

In today’s increasingly interconnected digital landscape, choosing the right OT/XIoT security tools cannot be overstated.

These tools serve as the first line of risk reduction and defense against cyber threats targeting critical industrial processes and infrastructure.

Making informed decisions, whether adding a new solution or replacing an incumbent, significantly impacts an organization’s ability to mitigate threats and protect its assets.

During the half-day consultation, participants will delve deep into their OT/XIoT security environments, examining current tools and analyzing their infrastructure.

The free workshop will result in personalized recommendations of the best-fit solutions from industry vendors.

 “We recognize the importance of selecting the right security tools for cyber-physical environments,” says Jason Rivera, Director of OT/XIoT Security at SRA. “Our workshop empowers organizations to make informed decisions, giving confidence that their selection is fit for purpose.”

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