LinkedIn Automation Tool

Using the LinkedIn automation tool of Chrome Extension is a great idea to save your time and effort to grow through this platform. Well, LinkedIn has been such a straightforward medium to introduce your business to the world. With the help of the LinkedIn automation tool, it will ease you in conducting the assignments and tasks. But before proceeding with the Chrome extension, you will want to read these in advance.

Target your audience

Find out what kind of audience you want to reach. Find out the groups or communities where your target audience is active. So, joining the existing groups in your niche will be a great start. The LinkedIn tool like Crystal can help you a lot with the tasks. But you need your target to make it work.

Interact with the groups

Follow the right groups in your niche. The active group consists of active users. That explains a lot about how prospective your audience is. Consider sharing relevant content. Give them reasons to check on your company page. You could also get more creative by launching polling, surveys, and so on.

Content development

Developing content and sharing it on the LinkedIn platform with your target audience is the best way to proclaim your credibility and proficiency. It also shows the real identity of your business. You can share the content like guides, basic information, practices, news, opinions, and so on. Make sure that these contents are interesting so that people can talk and discuss it.

Start the thread

Start a discussion in any group you join. It is a great way to communicate updates, releases, visions, missions, and anything about your company.

Utilize Chrome extension Linkedin automation tool

It is the very best part of our discussion. Besides all of the efforts above, there is a way to automate all the tasks so that you don’t need to waste your time and energy. Instead, you can focus on the core activity of your business. There are many helpful LinkedIn tools and Chrome extensions that can make your business premises much easier.

One of the best examples is Linked Helper. Linked Helper has such amazing reviews on the Chrome Extensions community because of its fantastic features. It helps you to automate most of the activities like visiting profiles, connecting, sending messages, automating emails, auto-responding to new connections, group messaging, group invites, endorsements, as well as list building. As we know, all of these activities can be time-consuming if you do them all manually.

The other chrome extension LinkedIn tools are:

●    SalesLoft Prospector – help you to find the prospect lists quickly from Linkedin.

●    Attach – It helps you to check your contact’s engagement rate by knowing when they open the file, read it, and how long.

●    Rapportive – This Chrome extension showcases the LinkedIn profiles of your Gmail contacts whenever you open your Gmail.

●    Brisk – if data entry is not your thing, let Brisk do the work for you. You no longer need to waste your time.

●    Email hunter – this LinkedIn tool helps you to find out your contacts’ email addresses.

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